Useful Links 

PL – 900 Learning Path : 

Course PL-900T00–A: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals – Training | Microsoft Learn 

PL – 100 Learning Path :  

Course PL-100T00–A: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker – Training | Microsoft Learn 

PL – 200 Learning Path : 

Course PL-200T00–A: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant – Training | Microsoft Learn 

PL – 400 Learning Path : 

Course PL-400T00–A: Microsoft Power Platform Developer – Training | Microsoft Learn 

PL – 600 Learning Path : 

Course PL-600T00–A: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect – Training | Microsoft Learn 


Microsoft Communities  

You like to learn from like-minded individuals – people who have blazed mighty trails and love to spin harrowing tales of their journey. In turn, you share your adventures, learning and growing together.  

  • Check out the Power Platform Connected Community! Power Peeps gather here to connect, ask questions, and learn from each other.  
  • Ask a question on the Power Apps Yammer forum. Novices, professionals, and people from the product group come together to discuss all things Power Apps here. 
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